CBD and the Family Dog

In the United States, families share their lives with almost 90 million dogs. Canines outnumber cats as the favored pet at a rate of about three to one. Most owners work hard to ensure their dogs receive regular medical care, nutritious food, and supplements to ensure a long, healthy life. CBD is becoming a popular supplement for the family dog as owners give it to their four-legged friends for its reputed health benefits.

What is CBD?

You have probably heard the hype about hemp-derived CBD. It has been legalized nationwide and people have turned to it en masse to reap the benefits. CBD (cannabidiol) is a natural cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. It has no psychoactive properties so it won’t get you high. Many studies support the varied health benefits of the plant. 

CBD and the Family Dog: How it Works 

Holistic veterinarians are turning their attention towards CBD for dogs because CBD appears to interact with your pet’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the same way that it does in humans. The ECS helps to regulate a variety of functions in the body such as sleep, immune system response, and memory. CBD binds with the ECS receptors to provide therapeutic effects. Many passionately believe the studies indicate that it helps with chronic pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety, insomnia, seizures, and joint pain. 

Safety of CBD for Dogs 

As a caring owner, you might be concerned about the impacts of CBD on your pet especially, if you’re new to the product. Although CBD is relatively new, it’s considered a safe herbal supplement that has very few side effects. Most veterinarians agree that it will not hurt your dog. 

Safety and CBD Oil for Your Dog

When purchasing CBD oil, be sure that it is safe and has no harmful substances that could cause problems with your pet. Always purchase a pet-friendly CBD formula such as the one sold at Also Organics. Also Organics offers a 200 mg pet tincture that has been specially formulated for your pet’s unique needs. This pet tincture contains just two ingredients: organic MCT oil and organic Phyto-rich hemp oil. Each dose is 7 mg and has been measured to provide a sense of calm while improving your pet’s sleep habits and reducing stress. All of the Also Organic products are formulated from only USA-grown organic hemp and are non-psychoactive. 

Benefits of CBD for Your Dog 

Scientific studies show the promise of CBD and its ability to provide plenty of health benefits for your dog. 

  • Anxiety: Does your dog exhibit signs of anxiety during a thunderstorm or every 4th of July when fireworks are launched? Maybe your pooch is petrified to go to the veterinarian for a  regular yearly exam. Some dogs also freak out any time their owner leaves the house for any length of time because they suffer from such severe separation anxiety.  Whatever the cause of anxiety in the family dog, you are probably desperately seeking a solution. CBD appears to provide much-needed relief for anxiety and stress in both humans and animals. 
  • Seizures/Epilepsy: Up to five percent of canines suffer from seizures. In a quest for solutions, many owners give their dogs pharmaceutical drugs such as phenobarbital or potassium bromide. The drugs stop the seizures in most cases but are not without side effects. Often, they can harm your pet’s liver or other internal organs. However, CBD has been shown to help with seizure disorders in many cases. In 2018 the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first prescription CBD drug (Epidiolex) to treat epilepsy in children. Many hope that CBD benefits canines in the same fashion.
  • Pain Relief: CBD appears to help ease various forms of pain. In fact, research has shown that CBD can soothe neuropathy (nerve-related pain). Also, pain caused by inflammation appears to respond well to CBD because the cannabinoid appears to ease inflammation. The ability to reduce inflammation is believed to help many canines who suffer from arthritis and other joint problems. 
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Canines suffering from colitis have been shown to benefit from CBD in animal studies
  • Nausea Relief: If your dog is having problems with nausea, then CBD might be the perfect solution. In addition, CBD appears to assist in increasing appetite
  • Cardiovascular Health: Studies show that CBD may help repair damaged blood vessels and lower heart rate.

Choosing the Best CBD for Your Dog 

If you are shopping for CBD for your dog, then here are a few things to consider when picking the best formula.

  • Organic: Choose an organic CBD oil that is free of any chemical solvents, pesticides, or fungicides.
  • Price: Do not try to price shop when buying CBD for your furry friend. You do not want to skimp and go with something cheap that might prove inferior or even harm your pet.
  • Lab Results: Always take the time to look over the lab results on any CBD product you buy to make sure it is pure and free of harmful substances. If a CBD brand does not have Certificates of Analysis readily available, that should raise a red flag.
  • Liquid: You can find a variety of products for your dog that contain CBD but one of the best choices is a CBD tincture. You can easily adjust the dosage to meet your pet’s needs. 

If you would like to learn more about Also Organic’s Pet Tincture then please contact us today. 

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