CBD for Women's Health

If you feel like Wonder Woman, you aren’t wrong. Women are superheroes! You can multitask by juggling children, a relationship, a busy career, and a thriving household. However, sometimes a whirlwind lifestyle takes its toll. You might feel tired and not yourself. Maybe you have been experiencing more colds or other illnesses due to increased stress. To restore your well-being, you have probably started to explore natural supplements. The latest holistic movement is CBD for women’s health. You might be wondering if it’s all hype or grounded in science. 

Using CBD for Women’s Health Issues

CBD (cannabidiol) is derived from the hemp plant. Consumers worldwide are testifying to benefits they are seeing and feeling. You are probably wondering if it’s honestly effective or if snake oil salesmen are marketing the cure-all elixir. After all, how can something be good for everything? 

Research indicates that CBD might be good for the following problems:

  • Headaches:  Whether you suffer from tension headaches or hormonal migraines, CBD might provide relief according to recent studies.
  • Pain: We all suffer pain sometimes. An aching back, joint pain, or neck ache can often strike without mercy. CBD might just be the natural solution to some forms of pain according to researchers. Sometimes your body just hurts. Maybe you hit the gym too hard or you have just been on the go in a truly unrelenting fashion. CBD Pain Salves from Also Organics are a great way to pursue relief. We offer 500 mg CBD Pain Salve and 1,000 mg CBD Pain Salve that are formulated with a combination of CBD, menthol, lidocaine, and organic beeswax. Simply smooth it on the area where you are feeling discomfort. 
  • Sleep Disorders: Do you toss and turn at night? Maybe you fall asleep, but you wake up feeling tired. In today’s fast-paced world, you might just have too much on your mind to truly relax. Studies are ongoing but they seem to point towards CBD offering some help if ZZZs are elusive. 
  • Menstrual Pain: CBD appears to act as a strong anti-inflammatory according to some medical professionals. Many women suffer extreme menstrual pain because of inflammation so those with cramping are exploring the possible benefits of using CBD during ‘that time of the month.’ 
  • Breast Discomfort: Hormone shifts each month often lead to swollen, painful breasts. The reputed anti-inflammatory properties of CBD may prove helpful in easing the discomfort of swollen breasts.
  • Stress and Anxiety: As an active woman, you probably have a lot on your plate. Also, the recent global changes are enough to leave you feeling completely stressed out and anxious. You might be dealing with an uncertain and changing work environment or homeschooling your kids. Undoubtedly, the world has become a vastly different place that is causing many women to feel stress, anxiety, and even full-blown depression. Some research appears to show that CBD could prove beneficial at reducing stress and its physical effects. 
  • Beauty: Many women mistakenly believe that acne flare-ups will subside once puberty passes. Sadly, this is rarely the case. Pimples and full-blown acne can happen at any age and maybe worse during a woman’s menstrual cycle. As a potential anti-inflammatory, CBD may reduce acne which is why it is popping up as a key ingredient in many skincare and beauty products. 

CBD is a Non-psychoactive 

One thing that CBD does not do is give you a ‘buzz’ or alter your perception. It is completely non-psychoactive, unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). You don’t have to worry about losing control over your mind, functions, or life when you use CBD. If you are seeking relief from health issues, CBD is a non-addictive way to naturally elevate your body’s potential.  

CBD Options for Women

Without a doubt, the market is overflowing with CBD options. You can choose from tinctures, topicals, edibles, capsules, drink mixes, and more. Tinctures are probably the most common way to ingest CBD. However, if you don’t like a tincture then capsules or gummies are other great ways to ingest the herb. You can also choose to use a topical product like a balm, salve, or lotion to target the area of discomfort. Drink mixes are another option if you need a quick midday pick-me-up or something to kick-start your day. 

Why Use CBD?

Of course, you want to cultivate wellness on a daily basis by taking the correct supplements to boost your body’s performance, assist in your immune system response, and find the relief that you need on days when you just aren’t feeling well because life as a woman isn’t always easy. CBD is a perfectly legal, herbal-based supplement that holds a great deal of promise. Most women are turning to the cannabinoid as a valued addition to their daily supplement regime and others are opting to use it occasionally when needed such as with Also Organic’s CBD Pain Salve.

CBD for women’s health cannot be ignored. If you want to enjoy more of your life, then you’ll want to pamper yourself with everything that Mother Nature has to offer. Remember, not all CBD is created equal. It’s important to know what to look for in a CBD brand. If you would like to learn more about Also Organic CBD, contact us today. 


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